Big love. Small world.

A flurry of little kisses on the forehead. Delighted clapping for an unexpected achievement. An enormous hug full of comfort and support. A mother’s love goes far beyond words, and means the same, no matter what language she speaks.

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Big community. Small world.

In an extremely remote, mountanious region of India, there is a group of women who meet to preserve their cultural traditions for the future, they share oral histories, traditional textile pattern-making, and the like. 

Today, these women are also using their rich local knowledge and positions of trust to improve the health of families in their communities. 

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Big challenges. Small world.

Grace. And Grit.

Those are just two of the words to describe mothers like Katarina (shown below). Katarina lives in a remote area of Guatemala with her husband and seven children. Despite the rain water that floods her humble brick and bamboo home during storms and a regular diet of plain tortillas, Katarina works tirelessly to care for her children and give them a better future.


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About Vitamin Angels

At Vitamin Angels, we love moms. We believe every mom deserves to give birth to happy, vibrant babies. But some moms don't have that chance. Vitamins are critical for the moms we help to have safe and healthy pregnancies, and for their children to have healthy starts to life. 

While the moms we meet face big challenges, they live in supportive communities and experience loving moments. Motherhood – it makes for a small world, with innumerable rewards. We’re proud to tell some of their stories here and on our Facebook page, a gift to us this Mother’s Day.

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